Discontinued: Pi-View Official Raspberry Pi HDMI to VGA Converter

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 Pi ZERO USERS PLEASE NOTE: To the best of our knowledge this  type of converter draws too much power from the HDMI port to use on the  Raspberry pi ZERO. It could end up killing the ZERO.

No issues have been reported on the Pi3 with prolonged use.

Pi-View  is a high quality, high performance, convenient and compact electronic  device which converts the digital HDMI video signals which are outputted  from Raspberry Pi, into an analogue signal required by the widely used  VGA based computer displays still widely used around the world.


  • Simple device design in the form of a small adaptor with integrated  VGA socket output, with short cable complete with HDMI plug for  connection to the HDMI socket on Raspberry Pi.
  • No external power supply is required, and in operation, the device is plug and play.
  • The  device handles display resolutions of up to 720p/1080i/1080p (the  maximum resolution is limited by the resolution supported by the  connected display device).
  • Input: Integrated Type-A HDMI plug
  • Output: Standard female DE-15 connector.
  • Material:  99% high-purity oxygen-free copper wire core, 30μ gold-plated terminals  for minimal signal loss, and gold-plated HDMI plug for high abrasion  resistance.


  • 1 x Pi-View HDMI to VGA Converter


If you havea VGA monitor, you'll need a PiView and a VGA Male to Male Cable to connect your Raspberry Pi.

Pi ==> Pi-View ==> VGA Cable ==> Monitor

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  • Model: AW 2C1 hdmi to vga pi-view
  • Manufacturer: Element14