Raspberry Pi Approved MakerDisk microSD Card with RPi OS 32GB

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Note: MakerDisk MicroSD cards (128GB, 64GB, 32GB) shipped from 11 Nov 2021 onwards are loaded with the latest Raspberry Pi OS - Bullseye (release date: 30th October 2021).

Note: The MakerDisk microSD card has been TESTED and APPROVED by the Raspberry Pi Foundation for use with Raspberry Pi Products.


Note: The MakerDisk microSD card comes Pre-loaded with Raspberry Pi OS and is ready to boot up on any Raspberry Pi computer. Please DO NOT format it if you intend to use it with the Raspberry Pi board.

We have also performed the writing and reading speed diagnosis and the results exceed the requirement needed for Class A1 and also the specifications by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. So we are confident to recommend this microSD to you :)

Note: There are 128GB, 64GB, and 32GB of capacity, please select your preferred memory size.



  • Raspberry Pi Tested and Approved for use with Raspberry Pi Products
  • A microSD card from Makers to Makers!
  • Brand: MakerDisk
  • Capacity/Size: 128GB, 64GB or 32GB
    • 1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes.
    • Actual usable capacity may be less, depending on the format. From Raspberry Pi OS, here is the capacity from file explorer, excluding the boot drive:
      • 128GB MakerDisk microSD: it is ~ 114.8GB
      • 64GB MakerDisk microSD: it is ~ 56.9GB
      • 32GB MakerDisk microSD: it is ~ 28.2GB
    • Check the capacity calculation from Wiki.
  • Pre-loaded with Raspberry Pi OS, it is ready to boot up on any Raspberry Pi board right out of the box!
    • 11 November 2021 onwards, the latest Raspberry Pi OS - Bullseye, 3.1GB, (release: 30th Oct 2021) is preloaded

The test results are better than Class A1 and Raspberry Pi Standards:

  • 32GB MicroSD:
      • Sequential Write: > 27MB/S (A1 Standard 10MB/S, Raspberry Pi Standard 12MB/S)
      • Random IOPS - Write: > 800 IOPS (A1 standard 500 IOPS, Raspberry Pi Standard 500 IOPS)
      • Random IOPS - Read: > 2700 IOPS (A1 standard 1500 IOPS, Raspberry Pi Standard 2000 IOPS)
      • Class 10, A1, U1, V10 microSD card

What's in the box?

1 x Makerdisk 32GB preloaded micro SD card


Latest image available from the Raspberry Pi Foundation Downloads

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  • Model: Makerdisk 32GB
  • Brand: Generic3