Raspberry Pi Official Pi5 8GB Desktop Kit EU

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The Raspberry Pi 5 desktop kit offers a compact and powerful computing solution. Featuring the latest Raspberry Pi model, it includes all essential peripherals for seamless desktop use. With enhanced performance and versatility, this kit is perfect for DIY enthusiasts, educators, and professionals alike, enabling a wide range of projects from coding to media streaming and beyond.

What's in the box?

1 x Raspberry Pi 8GB board
1 x Official Raspberry Pi 5 Case(red/white) - Includes heatsink and fan
1 x Official 27W USB-C PD Power Supply(white)
1 x Official Keyboard(red/white)
1 x Official Mouse(red/white)
1 x 32GB SD card with Raspberry OS Bookworm
2 x Official micro-HDMI cables(white)
1 x The fifth edition of the Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Guide

Just add a HDMI monitor 


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  • Model: RPi58 official desktop kit
  • Brand: Raspberry Pi