Raspberry Pi USB Power Cable (90 Degree)

R44.90  Inc VAT

This 90 degree USB A to 90 degree Micro USB cable is only 10cm long making it perfect for use with the Official Touch Screen to run power from the screen's controller board (USB) to your Raspberry Pi (Micro USB)! With this cable, you can free your Pi's GPIO for other hacking goodness!

It's 24AWG, so thick enough to handle the 2.5A current requirement of the Raspberry Pi 3 without dropping the voltage!

Please note this cable does not fit in the Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Display Case White/black


  • 90 Degree USB A Male
  • 90 Degree Micro USB B Male
  • 10cm Length Including Connectors
  • 24AWG Internal Wire for 5V 2.5A

To use, simply plug the USB end of the cable into the touchscreen driver board, and the micro usb cable into the Raspberry Pi's power port. Then plug your power supply into the touchscreen driver board's micro usb port!

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  • Model: 2C3 7" display power cable 90 degree
  • Manufacturer: Generic