1CH Channel DC5V 70MA Latching Relay Module Bistable

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Bistable relays are used to switch electrical circuits by impulse command, especially for lighting control in ordinary applications.
Reduce power consumption over extended duration's. A latching relay is a two-position electrically actuated switch that maintains either contact position indefinitely without any power being sent to the coil and is a perfect choice to reduce the power consumption of a system.

Working voltage: DC 5V
Working current: 70MA
Standby current: 1UA
Load current: AC 250V / 10A, DC 30V / 10A
Trigger mode: Low pulse trigger
Size: 35mm x 16mm  x 18.5mm   
Weight: 13.5 g
USE 1:
By default, the relay is released, press the trigger button, the relay pull, press again, the relay release, the third press, the relay pull, and so on.
USE 2:
By default, the relay is released, MCU output low-pulse(0.3-1seconds), the relay pull, low-pulse again, the relay release, the  third low-pulse, the relay pull, and so on.
Module interface:
1. VCC: positive power supply (VCC)
2. GND: negative power supply (GND)
3. T: Low pulse trigger
Relay outputs:
1. NO: normally open relay interface
2. COM: Common Interface Relays
3. NC: normally closed relay interface
Typical applications:
Automotive electronics
Smart Home
Emergency lighting
MCU development board
Toy car

Package includes:

1 x Relay module
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  • Model: Bistable relay
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