Eight channel 5V DC Relay Module

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Product information
This is an eight channel 5V DC relay module with active low. It can be controlled by variety of microcontrollers such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIC, DSP, AVR or ARM etc.

Has the ability to control eight separate appliances or pieces of equipment
Eight on-board optoisolators enable direct interfacing to microcontrollers
Eight red LED status lights on-board show relay activity
Widely used in PLC control or smart home control
4 x M3 mounting holes for easy fixing via standoffs

15-20mA drive current needed per channel
Relay coil maximum operating voltage: 5V
Relay coil maximum current: 89.3mA
Relay contact maximum: AC250V at 10A or DC30V at 10A
No. of relays/channels: 8
Item size: 134 x 55 x 20mm
Item weight: 116g

Package Includes
1 x 8 Channel Relay Module

Exercise proper caution when connecting mains driven equipment or appliances to relay module as lethal current will be present.

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  • Model: 2A3 8 channel relay
  • Manufacturer: Generic