Soil Moisture Sensor 12V DC Relay Control Module Automatic watering switch

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When the soil moisture is lower than preferred setting, the relay will automatically pull in, start the sprinkler, water pump etc. until the moister reaches the desired humidity level and automatically stop.
Product use: Through the potentiometer, adjust to the desired soil moisture level


  • Electrical parameters: Supply voltage: 12VDC
  • Input current: more than 100mA
  • Relay Load Max: 10A 250V AC or 10A 30V DC

What's in the box?

1 x Soil moisture control module
1 x Soil sensor
2 x 20cm long DuPont lines


Module instructions

1 sensors applied to the detection of soil moisture; Module
2. Blue potentiometer is used to adjust soil moisture level, clockwise adjustment and control the humidity will be bigger, counterclockwise smaller;
3. Due to module delay function, adjust the humidity value, wait about 5-8 seconds, see if the the relay state changed, the green LED lamp will also have corresponding change, until adjusted to meet the requirements.

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  • Model: automatic water relay sensor
  • Brand: Generic1