Analog Ceramic Piezo Vibration Sensor

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This vibration sensor is based on piezoelectric ceramic chip analog vibration. It makes use of the anti-conversion process that piezoelectric ceramic vibration will generate the electric signals.
When vibrating the piezoelectric ceramic chip, the sensor’s signal terminal will generate electrical signals. 


Working Voltage: 3.3V or 5V
Working Current: <1mA
Operating Temperature Range: -10 ~ 70
Interface Type: Analog Output
Item Size: 30mm x 23mm
GPIO: S; signal output, ; power supply (VCC), -; ground (GND)
Input: Positive electrode of the piezoelectric ceramic
GND: Negative electrode of the piezoelectric ceramic

Package includes:

1 x Ceramic Piezo Vibration Sensor
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  • Model: ceramic vibration sensor
  • Brand: Generic3