DC Voltage detection Sensor

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This module is based on a resistive divider principle design, make the interface terminal input voltage reduced 5 times, Arduino analog input voltage up to 5V, then the input voltage of the voltage detection module can not be greater than 5V × 5 = 25V (if used 3.3V system, the input voltage can not exceed 3.3Vx5 = 16.5V). Because Arduino AVR chips used in 10 AD, so the resolution of the analog module is 0.00489V (5V / 1023), so the voltage detection module detects a minimum input voltage of 0.00489V × 5 = 0.02445V.

  • Voltage input range: DC0-25V
  • Voltage detection range: DC0.02445V-25V
  • Voltage analog resolution: 0.00489V

Wiring the DC input connector:
  • the positive terminal connected to VCC,
  • the negative  connected to GND
  • Output interface:
  • " " is 5 / 3.3V,
  • "-" then GND,
  • "s" Arduino connected to the AD pin

Raspberry Pi: https://kookye.com/2017/06/01/design-a-voltmeter-with-the-raspberry-pi-board-and-voltage-sensor/
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