GY-31 TCS230 colour recognition sensor module

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The TCS230 color detector measures three primary colors Red, Green and Blue and also has a separate white light detector. Since any color can be created from different levels of these primary colors, you can find out the color composition of a light source.

The four LEDs on the breakout board are there to illuminate the subject with an even light source, making measurement more reliable.

You can use the TCS230 where you need to take action based on the color of an object. The device does react to infrared so may need an infrared filter or use the device in an enclosed space.


Chip: TCS230
Input voltage: DC 3V-5V
Output frequency voltage: 0 ~ 5V
Use bright white LED lights
Can be connected directly with Microcontroller
Static detection of the measured object color
Best detection distance: 10mm

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1 x colour recognition sensor
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