Recessed Door Window Contacts Reed Security Alarm Switch (5)

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No external power supply, connect to wired alarm control panel GND and N.C ports directly!

Description :

These door contact sensors are great for residential and hobby card access systems, as well as a security burglar alarm system. The door position switches operate with an internal magnetic reed switch that closes when the opposing magnet comes within range of the door sensor.
Hence when the door opens beyond the range point the door position switch will toggle from a closed signal to an open signal.
When this happens the access control system or alarm system will sense the change in continuity and will know that the door or window has been opened. When the door or window shuts, the door sensor will notify your security system that the opening has been closed.

Specifications :

Material Shield: Anti-fire ABS
Connecting Mode: N.C.
Rated Current: 100mA
Rated Voltage: (VDC)100
Operating Distance: More than 15mm, Less than 25mm
Rated Power: 3W

Package includes :

5 x KERUI Wired Door Switch
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  • Model: reed switch recessed(5)
  • Brand: Generic1