Sleeve for Raspberry Pi400

R99.90  Inc VAT


Our stylish sleeve for the Raspberry Pi 400 (not included) is a great way to keep your keyboard clean and dust-free whilst adding an element of protection when travelling with your new favourite coding machine!

Whether you're taking your Raspberry Pi 400 to a coding club, to school, a friend's house or just simply putting it away when not in use, our protective sleeve is an affordable and stylish way to keep it dust-free and safe from scratches.

The stitched sleeve comes in a classic grey material with a simple velcro strap securing your Pi400 in place. The lower corner has The Pi Hut logo embossed into the material.

Note: This sleeve provides protection from scratches and dirt/dust, however, the material cannot protect against large impacts or liquids.

  • Availability: 9
  • Model: Sleeve Pi400
  • Manufacturer: The PiHut