The Halo 3D Printer (By Tando 3D SA)

The Halo 3D printer is different to most other 3d printers. Its print bed glides on a flat surface and the benefit of this is that the problem of bed leveling goes away. Proudly designed and built in SA.
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The Halo 3D Printer (By Tando 3D SA)

The Halo 3D printer is different to most other 3d printers. Its print bed glides on a flat surface and the benefit of this is that the problem of bed leveling is no longer a problem. This makes the Halo 3D Printer more of a reliable 3D printer than other 3D printers out there in its price range.

Not only is more reliable, it is also less costly to build. Its unique design means that we use lets parts to attain our build volume, and we then pass this cost saving on to you, as you can see in the affordability of our printer. We are the most affordable locally built and designed 3D printer available in South Africa. So if you have a problem, rest assured, assistance is not far away, no literally, if you live in Centurion you can actually walk to our offices and we can assist you! Centurion is a bit closer than China. Local is lekker, my china.

So, now onto the technical stuff… Our build volume is best in class at 130x145x160mm, making us the best value for money 3D printer on the market in South Africa. We 3D printed our own trophy for “best in class” and gave it to ourselves when we realised this.

Also, we have some innovative features which not many other 3d printers have:

  • A print-bed that doesn’t need leveling, thus eliminating probably the top cause of 3d print failures of low cost 3d printers.
  • A bed crash sensor that senses when the nozzle collides with something and shuts off the machine, protecting your bed and extruder and surrounding mechanisms. We’ve had bed crashes, they are not fun, and so we came up with this feature to prevent you from having this problem, that’s just how we look out for you.
  • Our mechanisms are enclosed, thus making our 3d Printer one which can be used in a school setting, home or office setting.
  • We think our printer is really good looking too because of its minimalistic look.


Our more normal features:

  • Our printer uses PLA filament, this is an easy to use, non-toxic, recyclable filament made from corn starch. We chose this material because it is the easiest and most reliable to print with.
  • We use a J-head nozzle in conjunction with the PLA filament, this combination has proven to be very reliable and hence we chose it.
  • You can print in layer heights from 50 micron (if you really need a good surface finish) to 300 micron (if you need a structural part). You can also change the speed of your print, before or during the print. We don’t recommend going above 60mm/s though, as this can affect layer adhesion.
  • We use a lot of open source components such as the Arduino 2560 as the controller and standard NEMA 17 stepper motors, so that you can easily modify your 3d printer to say, a pick and place machine or a light CNC machine.

Technical Specifications:

The Halo 3D Printer uses a gliding bed with a completely enclosed drive mechanism which works like magic. It uses a Unibody design where the print bed glides on a planar surface and this eliminates the calibration needed with separate axes.

This breakthrough design is more reliable, efficient and very affordable for the end user.

Key Facts:
Build Volume: 145mm x 130mm x 170mm 
Material: Biodegradable PLA Plastic
Layer Resolution: as low as 50 micron (High Quality), up to 400 micron (High Speed) 
Z Axis Resolution: 5 Micron
Z axis Design: Leadscrew actuator
X and Y axis Resolution: 10 Micron
X and Y axis Drive Mechanism: Fully enclosed drive mechanism with magnetic hold.
Nozzle Temperature: Up to 220 degrees
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm

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  • Model: Tando Halo 3D printer
  • Manufacturer: Tando