ModMyPi Modular RPi3 Case - USB/HDMI Cover (Black)

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 The Modular  Raspberry Pi Case is designed to be fully customisable by the user, and  adaptable to suit a range of requirements. The streamlined look, and  adaptability makes it perfect for many applications, including: the  hobbyist maker, digital signage, industrial protection, living-room  & child-friendly media centres, classroom eduction, workshops and  many more! All add-ons are designed to be interchangeable and can be  added and removed when required.

The USB/HDMI  security cover is a dual-use shroud that can be utilised to protect  access to all the external inputs and outputs. Two covers can be used  simultaneously if only very limited access is required, and “punch-out”  access hatches are available for both the Ethernet and Micro USB power  port if these inputs are required. Security covers are tamperproof and  can only be removed from inside the case. 

In  addition to protecting the Raspberry Pi ports, the shroud is offset from  the body by 12mm. The enables the secure, internal and protected use of  up to four nano USB dongles with the cover installed.

  • Dual-Use - Compatible with Either Set of I/O Ports e.g. HDMI or USB Side
  • Secure and Tamper-Proof
  • RJ45 & Micro USB Power Breakout Hatches
  • Off-Set to Enable the Use & Internal Protection of up to 4 Nano USB Dongles!
  • 1 x USB/HDMI Cover
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