Raspberry Pi 3/4/5 Mounting Plate for High Quality Camera

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Please note: Raspberry Pi, camera board, camera cable and tripod are NOT included.

An affordable, simple solution to mounting your Raspberry Pi to your Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera, Global Shutter Camera or HQ M12 Mount Camera

This sleek and transparent plate provides a secure and stable platform for attaching your camera to your Raspberry Pi. With its easy assembly process and included hardware, you can quickly and effortlessly set up your camera system.

The clear acrylic construction adds a touch of modernity while allowing for easy visibility of the camera. Enhance your photography and video projects with this durable and aesthetically pleasing mounting plate.

Combine with our affordable flexible tripod for a great project foundation!

What's in the box?

1 x Mount plate
8 x 5mm male to female brass spacers
8 x M2.5 SS nuts
8 x M2.5x4mm SS screws

Assembly guide

1. Install the standoffs first using their male threaded sides. Four on one side of the plate to mount the RPi3/4 and four on the other side of the plate to mount the camera. Secure them in place by tightening their nuts.

2. Mount the RPi board and camera board using the screws. (In no particular order)
3. Connect your RPi and HQ cam with the ribbon cable.
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  • Model: Pi 4/5 Mounting Plate
  • Brand: PiShop Laser