Mixed 5mm diffused LED (10 pcs)

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Diffused LEDs shine through a semi-transparent cover, absorbing the light and bouncing it through in different directions. Instead of seeing the individual LED light up, the whole bulb shines instead, giving a more uniform light spread over a greater area.


ColourSizeWavelength(nm)Voltage(V)MCDLens colour
Red5mm620-6301.8-2.3800-1000Red diffused
Yellow5mm580-5901.8-2.3800-1000Yellow diffused
Green5mm520-5302.8-3.6800-1000Green diffused
Blue5mm460-4702.8-3.6800-1000Blue diffused

What's in the box?

10 x coloured LEDs

  • Red x 2 units
  • Yellow x 2 units
  • Green x 2 units
  • White x 2 units
  • Blue x 2 units


Python library
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  • Model: mixed LED 10x5mm
  • Brand: Generic3