M2.5 x 16mm Female Female Hex Brass Standoff Spacers

These are suitable for DIY projects or Raspberry Pi pcb as the outside diameter is only 2.5mm that fits in the Pi mounting holes
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These are suitable for DIY projects and the Raspberry Pi pcb as the outside diameter is only 2.5mm that fits in the Pi mounting holes.

Brass standoffs are essential components in electronic projects, particularly in applications where circuit boards need to be securely mounted within an enclosure or chassis.

Here's how they are typically used:

  1. Board Mounting: Brass standoffs are used to elevate and secure printed circuit boards (PCBs) within an electronic enclosure or chassis. They provide a stable platform for the PCB, preventing it from coming into contact with conductive surfaces that could cause short circuits.

  2. Mechanical Support: Standoffs act as spacers between the PCB and the mounting surface, ensuring proper ventilation and preventing heat buildup. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity of sensitive electronic components.

  3. Isolation: Brass standoffs help to electrically isolate the PCB from the chassis or enclosure. This isolation is essential for preventing electrical interference, reducing the risk of noise and signal degradation, and enhancing overall circuit performance.

  4. Easy Access: Standoffs facilitate easy access to the PCB for maintenance, repairs, or upgrades. By raising the board above the mounting surface, technicians can easily reach components and make necessary adjustments without disassembling the entire system.

  5. Vibration Dampening: In applications where vibration is a concern, brass standoffs can help dampen vibrations transmitted to the PCB, thereby reducing the risk of component failure or solder joint fatigue over time.

  6. Grounding: Depending on the design, brass standoffs can also be used as grounding points for the PCB. By connecting the standoffs to the ground plane on the PCB, they provide a convenient and reliable grounding solution.

Overall, brass standoffs play a crucial role in ensuring the structural integrity, electrical isolation, and proper functioning of electronic systems. Their versatility and reliability make them indispensable components in a wide range of electronic projects.

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1 x Female Female Standoffs M2.5 x 16mm

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