Pi-KVM V2 HDMI to CSI adapter with standard CSI FFC

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This is a Raspberry Pi HDMI to CSI-2 Module with Toshiba TC358743XBG chip, HDMI input supports up to 1080p25fps. This module does not support OctoPi.

Many have used this module as KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine), or sometimes is called Keyboard Video Mouse :) This device helps to manage servers or workstations remotely, regardless of the health of the operating system or whether one is installed. You can fix any problem, configure the BIOS, and even reinstall the OS using the virtual CD-ROM or Flash Drive.



  • Input signal: HDMI
  • Output signal: CSI
  • HDMI Input:
    • 720p50
    • 720p60
    • 1080i50
    • 1080p25
  • Function: HDMI to CSI-2
  • Limitation: HDMI input supports up to 1080p25fps
  • Usage: Same as standard Raspberry Pi camera
  • Chip: Toshiba TC358743XBG
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi-based KVM over IP.

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1 x Pi-KVM V2 HDMI to CSI adapter with standard CSI FFC


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  • Model: PiKVM HDMI to CSI
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