Raspberry Pi Pico Basic Kit - without Pico

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Raspberry Pi Pico Basic Kit - Without Pico

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This is a Raspberry Pi Pico Basic Kit by Cytron for the very first MCU launched by Raspberry Pi Foundation. The kit includes almost everything you need to kickstart your way in digital making and start learning MicroPython with Raspberry Pi Pico !

Please note: This kit comes without Raspberry Pi Pico. 

You can grab your Raspberry Pi Pico from here

What's in the box?

1   x Breadboard 16.5x5.5cm (830 Holes)
1   x Buzzer-PCB Mount
1   x Finger Adjust Preset Potentiometer 10K
2   x LED 5mm Red 
2   x LED 5mm Green
2   x LED 5mm Yellow
2   x LED Super Bright 5mm Blue
2   x PIR Sensor
3   x 6x6x1 Push Button 4Pin
5   x Resistor 0.25W 5% (330R) 
10 x Male to Female Jumper Wire 
20 x Male to Male Jumper Wire 


Check out some of the video tutorials that you can learn using this kit:

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