Acrylic SP GPIO Case for Raspberry Pi 5 active cooler

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Please Note: Raspberry Pi and active cooler are not included

This DIY case requires assembly. You will need a small precision flathead screwdriver.

We also have a fully closed acrylic case available if that suits you more.


  • Two-part Raspberry Pi 5 cover plates
  • Easy access to all Pi connectors
  • Perfect for use with the official active cooler
  • Open design to keep your Raspberry Pi cool
  • You can mount a HQ cam onto this case. See the hint at the end of the description

What's in the box?

2 x DIY Acrylic Case layers
4 x 5mm standoffs
4 x 18mm standoffs
8 x M2.5x6 screws
4 x rubber feet

Case Assembly guide

  1. Peel the acrylic protective film from the two plates
  2. Install the standoffs first. Push the male part of the short standoffs through the RPi board mounting holes from the bottom upwards. Use the Female Female standoffs as nuts on the top of the RPi board. 
  3. Mount the active cooler and plugin the cable
  4. Mount the top and bottom acrylic plates using the eight M2.5x8 screws to hold them in place
  5. Mount the rubber feet at the bottom


Why are there four extra holes on the bottom plate?

If you buy four 5mm standoffs with M2.5 nuts and M2.5x4 screws, you'll be able  to mount an HQ camera on the bottom plate of the case, on which you can then add a tripod.

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  • Model: Pi5 SP GPIO case
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